Carolina Clubs' History

Inspecting Finish

We at Carolina Clubs are a family owned and operated business.  For over 20 years Carolina Clubs has been producing high-quality wood baseball bats.  Our headquarters is located in the winter baseball capital of the U.S., West Palm Beach, FL and our production facility is located in up-state New York.

Our manufacturing process is unique in the industry, as we harvest our maple and ash timber and begin the manufacturing process in our very own saw mill.  All of our maple and ash baseball bats are turned, in house, by a team of professionals with over 85 years of combined experience.  Our process allows us to maintain the highest quality control of our production from standing timber, through finished bat.  This ensures that each one of our customers, professional or amateur, receives the best wood baseball bats available. 

Our track record with the professional baseball industry can speak for itself.  Over the years our client list has included some of the biggest names in major league baseball.  We manufacture a large variety of models at Carolina Clubs, and we are able to guarantee that you are getting the same professional quality wood baseball bat as any of the big leaguers.