Maple Bats vs Ash Bats

Maple Bats vs Ash Bats

Choosing between a maple bat and an ash wood baseball bat is entirely up to you.  However the differences should be considered.  Let’s start by stating that by nature maple is heavier and denser.  This added weight can cause a significant issue when attempting to produce larger barreled models.  Therefore there are not as many model choices available in maple.  Many small manufactures will claim to have the ability to produce large barreled maple bats on a regular basis.  Due to the limited availability of light weight maple, these claims are virtually impossible.

The surface area of maple is approximately 4% harder than that of ash.  You will notice while hitting with ash bats that the barrel will have a tendency to groove similar to a golf club head.  This result is in direct correlation to the wood fiber, grain, and cell structure.   Ash is a more porous and open grain wood meaning that when under compression, it will begin to flake and separate.  Maple with its added density and closed grain will compact under the same conditions which will result in the presence of “lace marks”.

There are many popular wood bat models that can be produced using both maple as well as ash.  A common misconception that was introduced by many smaller manufacturers is that maple bats are always heavier than ash.  This is far from the truth.  Although several models are impossible to produce in large volumes the fact remains that the billet weight determines the finished bat.  Two billets of the same starting weight will produce the same finished bat.

Climate conditions also affect the performance of both the maple and ash baseball bats.  In cold climates maple has a tendency to “explode” at the point of contact.  During the summer months increased humidity levels will affect weight and flexibility as well.

Many players will store either a maple or ash wood baseball bat in climate controlled areas, or large humidors.  Although ash is also affected by these same climate changes, the end result does not seem to be as drastic.

Players at every level are finally beginning to realize the in stock limits involved when choosing a maple baseball bat. At Carolina Clubs, our customers can conveniently shop online for our wide selection of in stock maple bats and ash wood bats. If you plan on ordering over 12 custom wood baseball bats, we recommend that you contact us today to learn about our bulk catalog packages and pricing options.

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