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New York Business Journal - Carolina Clubs in the News

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Wood Baseball Bats - Carolina Clubs Offers Trophy Bats - MSBL News

Hitting for the Cycle

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What is hitting for the cycle? It's among the rarest and most memorable feats in baseball. The term “hitting for the cycle” refers to a player achieving a single, double, triple and home run in one game. A “natural cycle” means that the player accomplishes these plays in that exact order – first a single, then a double, followed by a triple and completed with a home run. Sports statistics reveal that hitting for the cycle is about as rare as a no-hitter game in Major League Baseball ® (MLB).1

Fun Hitting for the Cycle Facts

How many natural cycle hits have ever occurred? Who are some of the most notable cycle hitters? Let's take a closer look at some fun facts about hitting for the cycle, including a few notable players who have used Carolina Clubs baseball bats:

  • The first player to hit for the cycle was Curry Foley on May 25, 1882, when he played for the Buffalo Bisons against the Cleveland Blues.2
  • The highest number of cycles hit in a single season is eight, which occurred in 1933 and 2009.3
  • In MLB, the most cycles hit by a single player is three, and only three players have achieved this:4
    1. John Reilly (September 12 and 19, 1883; and August 6, 1890)
    2. Bob Meusel (May 7, 1921; July 3, 1922; and July 26, 1928)
    3. Babe Herman (May 18, 1931; July 24, 1931; and September 30, 1933)
  • The total number of natural cycles in MLB is 14.5 The first natural cycle was hit by Atlanta Braves outfielder Bill Collins on October 6, 1910. Only three players have hit a natural cycle in the 2000s. Among these is Carolina Clubs patron José Valentín, who hit a natural cycle for the Chicago White Sox on April 27, 2000.
  • Only seven American League players and two National League players hit for the cycle with a grand slam.6 Carolina Clubs patron Miguel Tejada of the Oakland Athletics achieved his grand-slam cycle on September 29, 2001.
  • The most recent player to hit for the cycle was Adrian Beltre for the Texas Rangers on August 24, 2012.7

For a current list of MLB players who have hit for the cycle or achieved a natural cycle, see the hitting for the cycle page on

Inspiring the Next Generation to Hit for the Cycle

Carolina Clubs is renowned as a leading manufacturer of high-quality maple wood bats and ash wood bats. In 2012, the company expanded its lineup to include its first metal bat – the MyWay™ aluminum bat. Carolina Clubs’ MyWay product is the USSSA-certified bat of choice for an ever-increasing number of youth baseball players all over the nation. Players who dream of hitting for the cycle and joining the ranks of the major-league greats can take a step in the right direction by using a dependable bat, such as a Carolina Clubs professional-model wood bat or MyWay youth aluminum bat.

Hundreds of MLB players have used Carolina Clubs baseball bats since the company’s founding in 1991; and a number of those pros have made a name for themselves by hitting for the cycle:8

MLB Player

Hit for the Cycle


Todd Helton

June 19, 1999

Colorado Rockies

José Valentín

April 27, 2000

Chicago White Sox

Miguel Tejada

September 29, 2001

Oakland Athletics

Chad Moeller

April 27, 2004

Milwaukee Brewers

Carlos Guillén

August 1, 2006

Detroit Tigers

Aubrey Huff

June 29, 2007

Baltimore Orioles

Orlando Hudson

April 13, 2009

Los Angeles Dodgers

Hitting for the Cycle with Carolina Clubs

Carolina Clubs custom pro-model wood bats are a popular choice among players who take their game seriously. These ambitious athletes know it takes a quality bat to accomplish impressive baseball feats like hitting for the cycle. So it should come as no surprise that Carolina Clubs' recent MyWay “Hit for the Cycle” aluminum bat promotion really made a big hit with youth travel league players.

At Carolina Clubs, we believe that accomplishments like hitting for the cycle should be celebrated at all levels of play. If you use a Carolina Clubs bat and have hit for the cycle, we’d love to share your story. Whether you play in a wood-bat league, youth travel ball league or other amateur baseball team, we invite you to post your photos, videos and details on your accomplishment – including why you choose to play with Carolina Clubs – on our Carolina Clubs Facebook page. We’ll add those accomplishments to this article, so check back regularly for updates!

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* AP Photo/Gail Burton. September 11, 2008.

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